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Hearing loss responsive communication training for health services

This training will help practitioners learn how to improve communication and health outcomes among the many Aboriginal people with hearing loss and/or auditory processing problems.

The Conductive Hearing Loss Story

Children’s hearing loss can have important impacts on family relationships. Children can be unfairly punished for not ignoring carers when in fact they could not hear what is said to them. Children may be frustrated and angry about others not understanding what they want. It is important for families to know about the typical responses of children with hearing loss as well as how they can better communicate with and support affected children. This training provides the information for families to do this. Current research is highlighting children having a hearing loss  as being more likely to have child protection reports made about them. The information in this training can help to prevent children’s hearing loss having a damaging impact on family relationships. This training can help understand how how children with hearing loss their families can feel when it is hard to communicate as well as how to support children with hearing loss more effectively within families.

"On paper the training sounds really ‘nichey'. But once you dive in you realise your exploring something incredibly pervasive and endemic. You leave with many practical tools to connect better with others and to how to help others feel more connected."
- Participant in Alice Springs Training


Damien Howard

Principle psychologist

Dr Damien Howard is a psychologist and educator who has researched and worked in the area of hearing loss and auditory processing problems, especially among Indigenous people. He did his doctorate on conductive hearing loss and school learning and behaviour problems. He has researched how hearing loss among Indigenous people impacts multiple areas of Indigenous disadvantage. He also specialises in working with people affected by auditory processing problems. 

Jody Barney

Leading consultant

Jody Barney a Birri/Gubba Urangan woman from Far North/ South East Queensland and a proud South Sea Islander woman, who  has over 25 years of professional training and skills to work with communities, and over 40 years of the lived experience as a Deaf Aboriginal/ Islander woman. 

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