Getting the best communication outcomes despite COVID 19​

$150.00 incl GST


The response to the COVID 19 pandemic is impacting on communication in a variety of ways. These include

  • more limited face to face communication,
  • increased use of phone and video communication
  • widespread use of face obscuring masks that don’t allow face watching and lip reading as well as muffle the voice of speakers
  • standing further apart when communicating which can limit access to both visual and auditory input.


While these changes will impact on everyone, certain people will be most affected.

These include:

  • Those listening to a language that is not the one they are most familiar with
  • The elderly who often have age related hearing loss and auditory processing problems. Many also have hearing loss related to excessive noise exposure
  • Indigenous people and others from disadvantaged minorities who experience more childhood ear disease that results in hearing loss and/or auditory processing problems.
  • Those with auditory processing problems not related to ear disease – around 10% of population
  • Those who have existing anxiety, attention or cognitive problems


This training will assist to identify the signs when people are experiencing problems in understanding what is said, take the appropriate action to improve communication outcomes and check on peoples understanding without giving offence or creating embarrassment.


Places in this training will be limited so book a place as early as you can to avoid disappointment.


Trainers each have 30 years’ experience in improving communication outcomes.