Hearing loss responsive communication training for health services

$500.00 incl GST


Early childhood ear disease is the cause of widespread hearing loss among Aboriginal communities throughout Australia. Aboriginal health services know about ear disease, but usually not about the consequent hearing loss and auditory processing problems that significant impact on people’s participation in health care.


Often unidentified hearing loss and/or auditory processing problems commonly limit what is understood during health consults This results in poor compliance and attendance. Poor outcomes occur particularly in chronic disease management, where good communication is key to good outcomes. Poor attendance at specialist referrals is also especially affected.


This training will help practitioners learn how to improve communication and health outcomes among the many Aboriginal people with hearing loss and/or auditory processing problems.


This training will also help


  • Know how to identify who is likely to have a hearing loss
  • Learn how to use effective communication strategies, including visual communication techniques
  • How and when to use amplification devices to aid communication
  • Improve non-verbal communication skills
  • Learning how to minimise frustration and avoidance when someone has a hearing loss
  • Appreciating and learning from culturally based communication skills of Aboriginal people


This training includes a series of training modules, which if taken individually would cost over $500. They are offered in this special ‘COVID 19’ deal of $300 if purchased before July 2020. Participants will have up to January 2021 to complete the courses.


Note further discounts available for if more than 5 people book together.